What is an Offer Wall?

Offerwalls can be used to exchange virtual items such as game tokens for money. Users will view your offer wall in which they will have a certain amount of cpa offers available for them to complete. Adlock Media’s offer wall will allow you to adjust the currency rates as well as size and text of your offer wall.

Virtual Currency

Visitors will earn virtual currency in exchange for completing offers/surveys in which you get paid real money. AdLock Media works with a wide range of various advertisers who are looking for market research from people all around the world. Your users can exchange virtual currency in over 300 countries using any device available. AdLock Media’s offer wall has device targeting capability to give specific mobile offers for all mobile devices such as ios and android. Users with in-game rewards can use an offerwall to reward their users with vitual currency such as tokens or points. OfferWall’s are the most practical way to make money for virtual currency compared to traditional payment concepts. Rewards your users with points or tokens by adding our offerwall to your game or app. Offerwalls can be used on all ios and android apps. Adding a small piece code will display your powerful offerwall with the dimensions you choose using our high performing incentive offers.


GPT Sites

GPT sites are great partners of us at AdLock Media. Market research is important and our offerwall is a powerful way for you to make money with us. Reward your users using our advanced api and postback system and help keep track of your offerwall statistics. We have real-time reporting of all leads fired from your offer wall by your users. Keep track of subid’s and usernames to help reward users with your gpt site.

Why use an offerwall?

OfferWalls can be used in many different types of ways. It’s a great way to reward your user base for completing cpa offers and surveys. Our cpi offers will target your mobile visitors to ensure you make as much money as possible with your visitors. It can be a lot easier to get users to complete some surveys or offers instead of trying to get them to pay in hard cold cash. Virtual currency exchange using our offer wall is a great decision for anyone with a website,mobile app, or game.

Our OfferWall technology allows your users to complete many different surveys and cpa offers as well as cpi offers in exchange for virtual currency. We have a large inventory of advertisers and cpa offers available and are constantly adding new offers to our cpa network for your visitors to complete. Our inventory of mobile cpi offers will ensure you have high conversion rates with your mobile visitors.

Come join our cpa network at AdLock Media and start earning money with your own offerwall today!