What is a Link locker?

How do you make money locking links? What does a link locker do? These are great questions and we are here to answer them for you.

Protecting your website with a link locker gives you the ability to make money by protecting your website url such as a file download or secret website link. No one will be able to access your link until they make you money. Every single download is money in your pocket every single time. Our link lockers are self hosted so you don’t need to have a webserver or domain of any type! This is a great solution for anyone just starting out with protecting your content or for any publisher who is involved with pay per download. Our link lockers will target your visitors by whatever device they are using such as mobile and show them targeted cpa and cpi offers for their device.

Our link lockers have in depth features for every publisher to protect their links. Picture our link locker feature as a short url for you to shorten your website links. You shorten your links with our locker, pick one of our several mirror domains to host your link, and start monetizing your content by posting your links on various websites and forums. Share your download links on youtube and other social media websites and watch your earnings skyrocket! Pay-Per-Download affiliates can make significant income by protecting their files with our link locker solutions.

Join us now at AdLock Media and start making money with our link locker today.