Content Locking Strategies

What are some of the best content locking methods?

So you are looking for the best methods to protect your content and earn revenue? Content locking your webpage/content can be a great way to earn extra income from your website. Earning money through content locking is also known as a “cpa gateway”.

It is essentially a lock that is put in place in which your visitors must complete an offer to access your content. Once the offer is completed successfully, the user gains access to your content and you get paid money for the lead that was generated. We have offers available for many different countries as well as the ability to target all devices using our sophisticated tracking technology.

With AdLock Media’s cpa gateway, you can fully customize the look and feel of the cpa widget. By adding custom background images, matching colors and intriguing text you can increase your conversion rate significantly.

There are plenty of different content locking ideas available and always more coming. Checking google trends you can easily find trending topics. This is a great way to find content locking niches for you to use. They are constantly updating and finding the most “viral” subjects. Use our content locking widget and watch your earnings explode using the hottest topics being talked about.

Content Locking Ideas
Content Locking Ideas 

WordPress templates

Are you a creator of wordpress templates looking to make money? List them on template sites but lock the download file with a content lock. Also you can include the content lock within the code of the template so when the downloaded installs it, it will have your lock on the page

Instructional videos/templates

Play a musical instrument? good at singing? awesome at gaming? Make some “how to” videos and upload them to youtube. Provide links to your other followup videos and content lock using our content locking widget.

Software downloads

Lock your software using our file lock tool. You will get paid money for each download your files get.


Add a VIP section on your website or forum and use our content locker. You will earn money revenue that way then billing people through traditional means to join.

Entertainment and Video Sites

People love to see the latest videos and viral clips online. Create a nice looking website and find some legal content to add. Lock your videos with our content locking tool. Get some traffic through social media and watch your site go viral!


Everyone knows something! Find a topic you know a lot about and write an ebook. Post your ebook on a website and then set a password for your ebook to be opened. Use our content locking tool to hide your password from being shown without an offer completed. Once your visitors complete an offer, they will gain access to your ebook and you get paid money for each reader!


There is a big audience looking for the best cheat / game codes available. Build a website and cpa lock it using our content locking tools.


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world! Upload a video with keywords related to your video. Add your link locker in the description of the video and watch the revenue roll in. If there is something people want, you can lock it and get paid for each download.

GPT Sites

GPT sites are a great way to earn with content locking. Users are rewards points/prizes in exchange for completing incentive offers. We are constantly adding new inventory to our offer list to ensure your gpt users have plenty of incent offers available.


Protect your torrents with a password and content lock the password. Download the latest videos and music and convert them into torrents. Then zip them but add a password to the file. Then zip the two files with another file explaining you can get the password at this URL. Place the password on the URL but with a content locker on top.

Offer Trials

Offer them a free trial on your website and then in return for the full version they must fill out some incentive offers.

Guides and Tutorials

Write some guides or tutorials and place them on a website. Place each chapter on a separate page. Now give the user a few chapters free until they are hooked in and then lock the next chapters with your gateway.

These are just some of the many ways you can earn money from content locking.

Check out AdLock Media and start earning money from content locking today.